Bart Deurloo suffers nasty fall during high bar routine

Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day 5

In sport, head injuries are amongst the worst of the bunch. Boxing, Rugby, MMA are all those of which prove detrimental at times. However, can it happen in Gymnastics?

During podium training in Montreal for the 2017 world championships, Dutch gymnast, Bart Deurloo, answered that question for us.

Deurloo was involved in a freak accident with the high bar, falling after an outlandish release move attempt. He stayed down on the mat for a few moments before getting up - you can watch the incident further down.

In an interview, Deurloo was asked about the fall.

“I think I blacked out a little bit. I don't remember, did I hit the ground? I remember that I didn't catch it… I think it’s okay.

“I have a little bit of a headache. It’s nothing big or anything. All the doctors came to me asking whats wrong.”

He added that he was able to do all of his other moves, like tumbling passes, after the fall, which would have been ludicrous if he suffered a concussion.

Nonetheless, the gymnast has lived to tell the tale and continues his training for the upcoming championship, where he is seeking the gold medal.

Despite his fall, Deurloo is no stranger to injury who hit his groin on the pommel horse at the American Cup back in March.

Sport, although made safe through regulations and restrictions, can be somewhat detrimental to your body. Many instances have been seen, in boxing especially, of professionals being killed for partaking in the sport they love.

Although it is gymnastics and not usually known for head injuries, there are still some moves which can prove extremely dangerous.

With the upcoming championships in Montreal, we can only be hopeful that we do not see something like this happening again. Deurloo was certainly fortunate not to be more seriously hurt.

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