How the WBC have reacted to Canelo/Golovkin draw


It was a fight that sent shockwaves through the sporting world, and created outrage about the integrity of boxing in general.

Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez faced off in what should have been remembered as a boxing classic for the level of boxing prowess showed by both men on the night.

However, as with many fights over the course of history, it was the outcome after the last bell of round 12 that captured all the headlines and enraged the public.

The majority of people watching believed Golovkin had done enough to see of the Mexican over the course of the fight, but surprisingly a draw was announced with judge Adalaide Byrd surrounding herself in controversy by inexplicably calling the fight 118-110 in favour of Alvarez.

Even the most staunch Canelo supporter knew this verdict was ludicrous, and ever since the decision was read aloud, the calls for a rematch have been loud and fierce.

Unsurprisingly, the boxing organisation overseeing the fight have had their say at the 55th annual conference in Baku.

The WBC used the opportunity to announce their demand that a rematch must take place between the two, echoing the public opinion that has been swirling since the first fight.

A rematch would definitely appeal to all boxing purists keen to see an injustice against both men put right, and Golden Boy president Eric Gomez has confirmed negotiations were underway before this announcement.

Gennady Golovkin v Canelo Alvarez

He said: "Regardless of if they did or didn't order the rematch, we are going to try to make it happen.

"We'll do whatever it takes to make it happen because it's the fight that the fans want, it's what the fighters want, and it's what the media wants."

It now looks like the rematch has unstoppable momentum, and with a potential date being pencilled in as May 5, 2018, it seems like both camps are eager for the two to get it on one more time.

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