Jockey suffers devastating moment 20-yards away from finish line

Lingfield Races

Horse racing is a bookies favourite.

One minute a complete favourite will breeze to the finish line, the other, a complete outsider will get a bit of luck and win out of nowhere.  

Well, for those who sat in their local betting store today and tuned into the 4:20 at Southwell, they witnessed a dramatic moment they may well never witness again.  

The ending was building up to be a regular finish.

"Stick it to the Plan", the 7/4 favourite was well and truly leading the way, with 9/1 "Nemean Lion" the only horse in sight, and only 20 yards left to run, the race was decided.  

Or so it seemed.  

Bridget Andrews, Jockey of "Stick it to the Plan", did not look comfortable as she entered the home straight. It appeared as though she lost her footing, only for her to momentarily regain it.  

What followed shocked all spectators.

Andrews lost complete control as she tried to push extremely hard to ensure the win, and it appears she pushed too hard, only to lose her footing and brutally fall to the ground.  

As Nemean Lion raced over the finish line, Andrews could only watch on and realise how she had truly stolen defeat from the jaws of victory.  

Fakenham Races

Following the race, she tweeted: "So sorry to everyone I let down today! No excuses I fell off and I will make sure it doesn't happen again."  

Of course, the jockey was filled with rage following the race, rage that will unlikely be appeased by a Twitter apology, with many spectators losing a lot of money as a result.

Many of the fans feel that Andrews could have done more to prevent the incident, with one fan even claiming that she should be banned for the error.

Watch below and see for yourself.

It is possible Andrews did get a little over excited with the position she found herself in, and did push the horse too hard which resulted in her losing her footing. 

But, maybe this is one of those unbelievable instances that has to be put down to fate.  

Was the fall Andrews' fault? Should she have taken the finish easier?

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