Steph Curry's golf shot with Lewis Hamilton's F1 helmet on doesn't end well

Golden State Warriors Media Day

Steph Curry is one of the best players in the NBA today and is part of one of the best teams in the league today in the form of the current champions, the Golden State Warriors, but that doesn't mean he's good at everything.

Especially when it comes to trying to take a golf swing whilst wearing the racing helmet of Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

The Warriors star was taking part in a little bit of golf at Mission Hills Golf Club during Golden State's trip to Shenzhen, China for a couple of preseason games against the Minnesota Timberwolves on October 5 and October 8.

The point guard was then given the challenge of trying to hit the ball off a tee using three-time F1 champion’s helmet. As you would have guessed, it didn't end well.

As you can see in the video further down in this article, due to the impaired vision from the helmet, Curry completely sliced his shot, taking a nice bit of the turf with him and causing the ball to skew off to the right.

Needless to say, Curry's second attempt to tee off, this time with Hamilton's helmet off, was much more successful, as he managed to hit the ball in the direction of the fairway.

The Warriors star will be hoping his three-pointer shots are way more accurate when he takes to the hardwood for his team's first of two preseason games against the Timberwolves over the next coming days in order to put himself in a good rhythm for the season ahead.

Golden State won the NBA Championship last season after a 4-1 Finals series victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and they'll be starting their title defense against the Houston Rockets at the Oracle Arena on October 17.

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