Victor Oladipo fires back at Kevin Durant after his tweets about OKC

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors

Former Oklahoma City Thunder shooting guard Victor Oladipo has taken a shot at his former teammate and now Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant over the comments he potentially made on fake accounts about their former team.

Back in September, Durant was caught bashing Oklahoma City on social media after a fan asked about his move from the Thunder to the Warriors last summer. Many people believe the small forward has used multiple accounts previously to defend his move to Golden State as he accidentally sent out a tweet supporting himself in the third person before instantly removing it.

This lead to the Warriors star having to defend his actions, and he said he "happened to take it a little too far," claiming it was "childish" and "idiotic." He later apologized for his actions, but it hasn't gone down well with everybody.

Victor Oladipo, who was part of the Thunder until he was traded away to the Indiana Pacers as part of the Paul George deal, called Durant out and urged him to move on from his choice to leave Oklahoma City.

Oladipo said on Hot 97, according to the Score: "I love Kevin to death, but they were up 3-1 against the defending champions. Him being a leader, him being the best player on the team, him and Russ - at the end of the day you can sit back and make excuses about 13 to 14 guys, but without those guys you wouldn't even have been up 3-1.

"I watched that series, I was at home watching that series. They should've won the series, they should have went to the NBA Finals, they should have played Cleveland that year. They didn't, they gave up a lead.

Golden State Warriors v Oklahoma City Thunder

"You should just take responsibility for that and just move on ... you shouldn't even bring that stuff up no more, it's in the past."

Durant stood his ground when explaining his decision to engage with fans, as he said on the issue: "I don't think I'll stop engaging with fans. I really enjoy it and it's a good way to connect us all, but I'll scale back a little bit right now and just focus on playing basketball. I'll move on from that, it was tough to deal with yesterday. I was pretty mad at myself. Definitely want to move on and keep playing basketball."

However, it doesn't look like this explanation has gone down well with some at all, especially when you consider Oladipo's strong comments on the matter.

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