Chris Eubank Jr opponent's manager goes on a vile rant during press conference

Chris Eubank Jnr. Media Workout

Things got a little out of hand during yesterday's press conference featuring Chris Eubank Jr. and his opponent Avni Yildirim. 

However, for a change, neither of the boxers were actually involved in the altercation. 

It was the Turkish fighter's manager and trainer, Ahmet Oner, who seemed to have been enraged by something that was said by one of Eubank's crew members. 

He then went on an outrageous rant and needed several people to thwart the premature outburst. 

In what was a vile verbal attack on one of the opposition crew members who was standing to the side of the main table, Oner delivered a foul-mouthed barrage of threats.

The obscene comments were caught on camera in which Oner yelled: "You're a f***ing piece of sh**, a son of a b****... you fight me you c***".

There was a brief period of calm after members of both sides intervened to separate the two. 

However, Oner soon got back up after noticing Eubank's crew member "laughing" at him. This is when he truly lost it forcing the press conference to end prematurely. 

Chris Eubank Jnr. Media Workout

The trainer said: "Don't laugh at me."

During the entire ordeal, both Eubank and Yildirim appeared completely calm and composed, as if nothing was really happening.

Although it is believed that Eubank's absence during the previous day's open workout may have angered Oner with the Brit's father fearing for his son's safety. 

Prior to the manager's shocking outburst, there was a serious exchange of words between the competitors as well. 

Eubank Jr said: “The warship has landed fully equipped, fully loaded and all the artillery is pointing at Yildirim.”

Yildirim responded: “So you are coming with all your weapons?

“Don’t forget the first world war when everybody was after the Turks and couldn’t do it. We are still here and everyone knows what Turkish soldiers are capable of. Turks are soldiers, war is in our DNA.”

Chris Eubank Jnr. Media Workout

Oner added: “Eubank Jr is right – this will be war. I hope he has enough weapons to stay 12 rounds. If you win I will be the first guy to respect you and shake your hand, but I do not see that happen.”

However, Eubank was quick to divert the attention away from politics and focus mainly on the match ahead. 

He said: “One thing I do want to say, I have a lot of respect for the Turkish community, I have Turkish friends and I like Turkish food. This is a fight between two men. I advise Avni to take his focus of off stirring up a drama between two countries.”

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