Russell Westbrook appears to take swipe at Kevin Durant over Thunder bashing

It’s well known amongst NBA fans that since Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors a year ago, he and Russell Westbrook haven’t seen eye to eye. The current NBA MVP appears to have been the next one to strike in their current feud.

Earlier in the preseason, Durant was caught bashing Oklahoma City on social media after a fan asked about his move from the Thunder to the Warriors. Many people believe the small forward was using multiple accounts to defend his move to Golden State as he accidentally sent out a tweet supporting himself in the third person on his own account before instantly removing it.

The Warriors star defended his actions, and he said he “happened to take it a little too far,” claiming it was “childish” and “idiotic.” He later apologized for his actions, but the initial deleted comment has still been remembered thanks to the internet.

Durant wrote in a tweet that was later deleted: “(Durant) didn’t like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan. His roster wasn’t that good, it was just him and (Westbrook),” and “Imagine taking Russ off that team, see how bad they were. KD can’t win a championship with those cats.”

Despite the deleted tweet now being three weeks old, it appears Westbrook hasn’t just let it slide, as he was wearing a rather interesting t-shirt during his postgame interview on Sunday.

The 2017 MVP can be seen wearing an “Adopt a Cat” t-shirt, which many believe was an odd choice by him considering his previous fashion outfits, so some do believe this was him taking a subtle jab back at Durant for his comments on his deleted tweet.

Whether or not it is a jab at his former teammate remains to be seen, and he’s probably not going to be admitting to that anytime soon.

For the time being though, it’s KD that should be having the last laugh in this situation at the moment, as he’s the one that’s managed to win an NBA Championship after just one season in Golden State despite Westbrook own individual achievements.

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