Watch: Vikings play game of Duck Duck Goose after scoring touchdown vs. Bears

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears

The NFL has relaxed its anti-celebration rules this season, and players are taking full advantage of the chance to get creative after scoring touchdowns.

From baseball games to bobsled runs, we've seen some incredible displays of creativity all season long.

Wanting to get into that mix, the Minnesota Vikings went back to their elementary school days on Monday night against the Chicago Bears.

As you can see below, after a touchdown pass from quarterback Case Keenum to tight end Kyle Rudolph, members of the team gather for a celebratory game of Duck Duck Goose: 

Of course, the Vikings proved they were too excited to play the game right, because when offensive lineman Pat Elflein is tagged as the "goose," the entire team gets up and chases Rudolph.

According to Rudolph, the celebration was a spur of the moment one, as it was only planned in the huddle before the touchdown-scoring play (via

“‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ was planned in the huddle right before we went out,” Rudolph said. “We called the play, a play we ran all week in practice, and I knew somebody was going to score. I said, ‘Look, when we score here, whoever scores, you’re the duck. Everybody else sit down in a circle, and we’ll have some fun.’”

Most of the team decided to get in on the fun, as Rudolph had a lot of choices while making his way around the circle of Vikings.

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears

Rudolph said the offensive linemen couldn't wait to take part in the celebration, as they were already sprinting to the end zone by the time the tight end turned around after making the catch:

“Case made a great play and found me on the scramble drill, and I turn around, and it’s probably one of the best scenes I’ve seen in sports – Pat Elflein and Mike Remmers and Joe Berger are just flying at me to grab a seat in the end zone,” laughed Rudolph.

“Of course I picked one of the linemen as the goose. Everybody jumped up and kind of got in the way, but it was fun for a little while.”

The Vikings held on for a narrow 20-17 victory over their NFC North rivals, which helped them improve to 3-2 on the season. They're still a game behind the division-leading Green Bay Packers, but they're still very much in the hunt for a division title. The Bears, meanwhile, fell to 1-4 with the home loss. 

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