Twitter reacts hilariously to Sixers rookie Markelle Fultz's strange free-throw shooting

Philadelphia 76ers Media Day

Philadelphia 76ers rookie Markelle Fultz is entering the NBA with one major flaw in his game that he knows he needs to rectify.

It was fairly obvious from his time in college that Fultz struggles from the free-throw line and he is now going to extreme lengths to try and improve it.

The number one pick shot 65 percent from the charity stripe in college, which is not great for a guard but it's certainly not awful either.

In an attempt to increase his percentage, the 19-year-old has completely revamped his shooting form and it's not the pretty sight.

In the Sixers' pre-season encounter with the Boston Celtics on Monday, Fultz tested his new form and it looked extremely awkward, to say the least.

He split the pair but clips of his strange shooting stroke did the rounds on social media and led to the youngster receiving a roasting from fans.

The Washington product probably didn't need to adjust his shot so drastically as he is a 65 percent free-throw shooter and only required a minor tweak.

Two weeks ago, Sixers head coach Brett Brown hinted that he wasn't keen on Fultz's new form and urged him to stick to what was working.

“His percentages revealed that he’s a more-than-capable shooter,” Brown said, per NBC Sports. “I think right now him trying to figure out how to not overcomplicate things and maybe make over something that didn’t need to be made over as much as he might of thought is a challenge.”

It wasn't a ringing endorsement of the youngster's shot and judging by his attempts at the line in Boston, he hasn't reverted back to his old style.

2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors

The Maryland native was a 41.3 percent three-point shooter in college so he should see an improvement from the free-throw line with the right coaching in Philadelphia.

The 76ers lost their third straight pre-season game against the Celtics and although these contests don't matter, the team would surely like to get into a winning habit as they have hopes of making the playoffs this season.

The most important thing for the franchise, however, is to get their young stars such as Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid healthy.

Philadelphia 76ers Media Day

Their success this year will depend largely on that duo and how many games they can play together on the floor.

Philly begins its regular season campaign with a trip to the Washington Wizards next week.

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