Edoardo Molinari attempts 500-ball hole-in-one challenge

It was meant to be a bit of fun, but after a few hundred attempts of aiming to make a hole-in-one, professional golfer Edoardo Molinari was almost certainly wondering why he agreed to take up the challenge.

The Italian currently ranked 316 in the world, volunteered for a experiment ahead of his national tournament, instead it turned into twelve very frustrating hours on the golf course.

The 36-year-old went a few agonising metres from claiming the hole-in-one on his first attempt, and that was followed by a series of near misses which skipped past the hole – scroll down to watch the video.

To Molinari’s great credit, he had a smile on his face through the challenge and was full of laughs with the film crew from the Chase the Ace Series.

Arguably the closest he came was shot 153 which very nearly went in on the full (1:37 into the video) 

As he approached the 500th shot, Molinari said: “This is the one it either goes in or we are done.”

The shot landed a fair distance from the hole which caused Molinari to collapse to the ground, probably through sheer exhaustion than anything else.

While on the ground, he said “kaput, done” along with a few other expletives.

The odds of a professional golfer actually hitting a hole in one is 2,500-1, proving that Edoardo was up against it from the beginning. For your average Joe, those odds are more like 100,000-1.

After missing the cut in nine of his last twelve tournaments, you really hope that the three-time European tour winner can turn his season around with this unique warm-up being the catalyst when Thursday comes around.

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