Mario Balotelli goes to extreme measures to relieve boredom during international break


The end of the international break is very nearly upon us. While this past break was mildly more exciting than your usual run of the mill international break, thanks to the conclusion of World Cup qualifying, it is probably safe to say that club football will be welcomed back with open arms globally.

While Lionel Messi was single-handedly dragging an entire nation to Russia, England were boring our socks off and Scotland were scuppering their best chance of qualification in decades, the rest of the world was finding other means of entertaining themselves, some a little more unique than others.

Mario Balotelli's latest Instagram post revealed that the international break isn't a dreadful bore for just the fans, but for professional footballers left behind by their countries.

The Italian maverick has not played international football in over three years and it looks as though he was even less interested than most in what was going on in World Cup qualifying.

Balotelli posted a video to his personal Instagram of him racing a friend on comically tiny motorbikes around a track marked with traffic cones on a field.

Balotelli stormed to a massive lead after his friend was involved in a messy accident on the first corner. Despite having issues of his own later in the lap, it looks as though Balotelli cruised to victory with ease as his opponent remained stranded on the first corner.

The 27-year-old added the caption "Coming soon" to the video and, judging by the fact that he was skilfully followed around the formidable track by a drone and cameraman, we could be set for a slightly higher quality version of the blistering race.

The former Liverpool striker will be desperate to get back down to business after enjoying his best start to a season in a few years at Nice, scoring seven goals in just nine appearances in all competitions.

One thing is for certain, the return of club football, for all involved cannot come soon enough!

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