The reason Tim Cahill could be in trouble for his celebration for Australia vs Syria

Australia v Syria - 2018 FIFA World Cup Asian Playoff: Leg 2

Tim Cahill was the hero for Australia as he scored twice - including an extra-time header - against Syria to keep their World Cup dreams alive.

The Socceroos have now qualified for the final qualifying tie and will now play Honduras from the Concacaf section for a place in the finals in Russia.

But what should be a moment of jubilation for Cahill and Australia, the hero has now been since been shrouded in controversy.

We all know that the former Everton player has a famous celebration - running over to the boxing flag and pretending to be a boxer.

But he didn’t do that during his two goals against Syria.


Well, for his first goal, he ran around the pitch with his arms outstretched pretending to be a plane. Nothing too unusual about that.


Then, when he scored his extra-time winner, he made a T symbol above his head.

No, it didn’t stand for Tim but for travel outlet TripADeal.

They confirmed as much after posting on Instagram after the game - a post that has since been deleted.

"Did you catch @tim_cahill, our new brand ambassador, doing the TripADeal 'T' after he scored the winning goal last night? Congratulations Tim!'," they wrote.


"This is the first step for us to formalise something on top of our really solid friendship," managing director Norm Black said afterward.

"This is a great stepping stone to bigger and better things. For us there is nobody better to have linked to your brand. There is no higher respected sportsman in the country."

And Cahill himself also posted on Instagram after the game, rounding it off by tagging @tripadeal.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, FIFA is strongly against sponsored celebrations.

Remember when Nicklas Bendtner showed off his Paddy Power pants whilst celebrating a goal against Portugal at Euro 2012?

Well, he was banned for one match and fined £80,000.

Could a similar punishment be dished out to Cahill meaning he misses Australia’s clashes against Honduras?

He’ll be very much hoping FIFA turn a blind eye to it.

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