Big update on Neville's status with WWE


Earlier this week, it was rumored that on Monday, Neville requested his release from the WWE after being with the company for five years with the company, with multiple sources reporting he had walked out of Monday Night RAW.

It was reported that Neville was booked to face and lose against Enzo Amore in the main event of the show on Monday night, however, these plans were changed and Kalisto faced Enzo instead with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line. Kalisto ended up winning the match.

Reports stated that although The King of the Cruiserweights didn't appear on RAW, there was a whole list of reasons why he walked out as he had been unhappy for a while. A new report has shed new light on the situation involving the former Cruiserweight Champion.

According to PWInsider, Neville never walked out of RAW as he was never backstage at the show at any time on Monday. They also said he was originally scheduled to work Enzo on weekend WWE live events but he was replaced by Mustafa Ali.

PWInsider also stated in their report that the original plan of Neville vs. Enzo was changed late in the day when it became apparent that The King of the Cruiserweights wouldn't be at the show. They also noted that there was talk of doing the non-title match after it was mentioned that Neville couldn't receive a title shot due to the non-contact stipulation from the week before.

The reason why they decided to put the title on Kalisto instead was so that they had a way to tie him to the legacy of WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero as it was Eddie's birthday on Monday. 

PWI also noted that Neville is still under WWE contract and has not been released. However, officials are not factoring the former Cruiserweight Champion into any cruiserweight division plans for the time being but there is a chance the two sides come to terms and he returns to action. He's also not being booked for any upcoming live events or TV events.


From other reports stating Neville has been unhappy with several factors, including being left off the WrestleMania 33 DVD and receiving no royalties from it, it doesn't look like he will be with the company for much longer.

We'll just have to wait until we receive official word from the man himself or the WWE to confirm this. At the moment though, it looks as though Neville could soon be hitting the indies, where he is bound to make a lot of money because of his talents.

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