Tony Romo teases NFL comeback during Eagles vs Panthers

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When Tony Romo got injured while playing for the Dallas Cowboys during the 2016 preseason, it essentially marked the beginning of the end for his NFL career, as he was eventually beaten out for the starting job by Dak Prescott, which led to him subsequently retiring. Or so it may seem.

Since announcing his retirement, Romo has become a color analyst for CBS Sports alongside Jim Nantz in the commentary booth for the station's televised NFL games. He is taking on the new role like a duck to water, calling out plays before they happen, providing fans with a new experience of the game through the eyes of a recent top NFL quarterback.

However, during CBS Sports' coverage of the Thursday Night Football game this week between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers, the former Cowboys quarterback made a comment that could indicate he's not quite done with being an NFL gunslinger just yet.

During the Eagles vs Panthers matchup, a highlight was shown of Romo’s last NFL pass, which so happened to be a touchdown to Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams during Week 17 of the 2016 season against Philadelphia.

While Nantz mentioned that it was Romo’s last NFL pass, Romo turned to Nantz and asked: “Was it the last pass?”

Nantz replied by saying “Don’t you dare start that,” before they both joked about the situation, with Nantz adding he would chain him to the desk to keep him from leaving. A funny joke, but it sparks an interesting debate.

There are a couple of teams in the NFL that are on the verge of being quarterback needy because of the way which their season is going. Jay Cutler hasn't been that impressive at the Miami Dolphins. Despite the winning record, Blake Bortles hasn't been great for the Jacksonville Jaguars this season either.

Joe Flacco has been performing below average at the Baltimore Ravens, and the Cleveland Browns could still do with some quarterback help until the end of the season, so there are plenty of options for Romo if he does decide to put the headset down in the booth and make his way to the field.

At least for the rest of the season, there will always be questions about Romo possibly returning to the field, as another opportunity in the NFL is probably just a phone call away.

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