Old video of Floyd Mayweather teaching boxing shows why he was unbeatable

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather extending his unbeaten streak to record breaking territory when he defeated Conor McGregor by tenth round stoppage in August.

The American had emerged from retirement especially for the mega money fight, teaching the double UFC champion a lesson in boxing with a relaxed performance at the T-Mobile Arena.

Allowing Notorious to exhaust himself in the early rounds, Mayweather eventually dissected the Irishman with a series of counterpunches before his opponent could no longer defend himself.

Victory saw Mayweather retire once again and his professional record settle at an unprecedented 50-0, overcoming the previous record of Rocky Marciano.

For that reason, if nothing else, Money will endure as one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in history.

It's for his defensive prowess that Mayweather is most revered and a brilliant video from 2004 shows exactly how the 40-year-old was able to master a whole technique of his own.

While the orthodox defensive shield sees both forearms raised to protect the face, Mayweather would raise his right arm with an open palm and leave his left arm limp by his waste.

He explained the method behind the eccentricity as well as the techniques of other fighters on American TV in a rather questionable shirt and jeans in what makes for a incredibly interesting watch.

Check out the vintage piece of footage below:

The presenter won't exactly become the welterweight champion of the world from just four minutes of wisdom but it's a unique insight into the man with boxing's two most richest fights.

And mastering that unique style of his own served him well into his thirties and beyond.

Although the McGregor bout fell just short of the US PPV record, Mayweather remains the richest athlete in the world, regularly flaunting his riches on social media.

It might be easy to associate the American with simply that now but if it wasn't for his incredible ability to dance from punches, his record and bank account wouldn't look so immaculate.

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