Jamie Carragher destroys Manchester United fan on Sky Sports

Legends of Football - Red Carpet Arrivals

After all the hype before ‘Red Monday’ at Anfield last season, football fans were left bitterly disappointed when Jose Mourinho parked the bus and the match ended 0-0.

But if you thought that Sky had learned their lesson of overhyping the fixture, you’d be very much mistaken.

With the huge match being the first Premier League for a fortnight, it’s shouldn’t be too surprising that everyone is looking forward to it, though.

And to whet the appetite of Premier League fans, Sky Sports had a live ‘Countdown’ programme at Anfield.

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were joined by Andy Cole and Gary Mcallister as they discussed the upcoming clash.

And one little feature they did involved a few fans from both clubs.

In a healthy debate refereed by Geoff Shreeves, Carragher joined The Redmen TV while Neville teamed up with the FullTimeDevils.


What followed was half interesting-half cringey as the fans from either side took digs at each other.

But it wasn’t only the fans that got involved.

Carragher and Neville also chirped up every now and then.

And when one United fan tried calling out Carragher, the former defender hit back in style.

“You scored a brace one year, didn’t you,” one Red Devil said to Carragher in regards to the two own-goals he once scored against United.

Carragher’s reply?

“I did, yeah. Fat Russel Crowe’s son, there.”


And Carragher wasn’t finished there.

Just moments later, the United fan in question - who goes by the name of Stephen Howson - attempted to reply by reminding him that he failed to win a single league title.

This time, Carragher focused on his choice of clothing by saying: “Give Liam Gallagher his cagoule back.”


Watch: Carragher destroys a United fan

Take a look:

And here is the full debate if you want to see what happened when The RedMen TV took on the FullTimeRedDevils.

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