Man United fan and Jamie Carragher tweet after 'fat Russell Crowe's son' remark

Burnley v Liverpool - Premier League

You can’t blame Sky Sports for their attempts to hype up Liverpool’s match against Manchester United this lunchtime.

It’s one of the biggest games in the football calendar and the perfect match to resume the season following the international break.

To get the juices flowing ahead of the game, Sky Sports decided to get Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville and a set of Liverpool and Man United fans from YouTube together to debate the rivalry.

The two sets of fans, represented by Redmen TV and FullTimeDEVILS, traded barbs.

Even Carragher, so accustomed to debating with Neville on Monday Night Football, found it a struggle to keep up early on, saying: “This is a good debate - I’m out of my depth here!”

There was plenty of banter, of course. When Antonio Valencia’s name was mentioned, the Liverpool-supporting Redmen TV joked: “You need to be careful when you say the word Valencia because Gary winces!”


Carragher's remark to a Man United fan

Yet the banter reached a personal tone when Carragher took a shot at a Man United fan who reminded him about the two own-goals he scored against the Red Devils in the 1999-2000 campaign.

“You scored a brace one year, didn’t you,” Stephen Howson said to the former Liverpool defender.

It led to a quite surprising remark from Carragher.

“I did, yeah. Fat Russell Crowe’s son, there,” he quipped.

Everyone burst into laughter but Geoff Shreeves, acting as the referee, realised that Carragher might have crossed a line.

“Woah, woah, let’s don’t make this personal,” he interjected.

Carragher and Howson have both tweeted

Both Carragher and Howson have since tweeted about the incident.

According to Carragher, Howson informed him pre-show that he was going to fire some shots his way, allowing the Liverpool idol some time to think of a response.

Carragher tweeted: “He made the mistake of letting me know he was going to throw a bit of stick at me! So while I was quiet initially I was thinking of my reply.”

Meanwhile, Howson claimed he’d been “absolutely killed off”.

Some have criticised Carragher for his remark but when you go on a show to debate one of the biggest rivalries in football, you should probably expect anything.

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