How Gary Neville responded when fan argued Liverpool are bigger than Man Utd


Ahead of Saturday’s massive Premier League clash between fierce rivals Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield, Sky Sports broadcast a preview show involving their lead pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.

The former United and Liverpool stars were joined at one part by a group of fans from the YouTube channels Full Time Devils - representing United, obviously - and The Redmen TV.

Presenter Geoff Shreeves asked the fans various questions about the two teams and finished with the big one: ‘which is the bigger club?’

Now, this was always going to spark fierce debate between the two sets of supporters.

Liverpool and Man Utd are, after all, the two most successful clubs in the history of English football. In terms of trophies won, there’s very little to separate them.

Although United have won the league title twice more than Liverpool - 20 compared to 18 - the Merseyside outfit have won the European Cup five times compared to United’s two.

Liverpool fans, therefore, argue that their club remains the biggest, despite the fact they haven’t seen their team win the league since 1990.

Liverpool team captain Steven Gerrard (L

Neville: United are bigger than Liverpool

“I think Man United are a bigger football club in terms of financial might, support around the world, that is a fact,” Neville said.

“It’s not a criticism, Liverpool is obviously a huge club but it’s stood still for probably about 10 years while United have moved forward in terms of the commercial side, the stadium side, where Liverpool should have been growing at the same level as United - they didn’t do.


“That’s not a fan thing, by the way, that’s an ownership thing, a policy thing. That’s my view.”

Fan tries to argue that Liverpool are bigger than United

However, one member of The Redmen TV wouldn’t accept Neville’s point of view and argued that Liverpool remain the bigger club because they ‘create more memories’ than United do.

“One of the things you’ve got to remember is football is a working man’s game. We create more memories, I believe, with our fans - together - than Manchester United do,” he said.


“You can throw all the financial stuff at me all you want - that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is about creating memories, here, with other fans. And we do that.”

Neville's response to the Liverpool fan

Neville, totally dismissive of the Liverpool fan’s argument, had the perfect response: “That’s emotion, that. It’s typical. It’s emotion.”


Shreeves then cut back to the studio, presumably to prevent the argument from getting out of hand.

Watch: Neville's debate with Liverpool fan

Now watch the debate by skipping to 1:03:46 in this video…

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