Carmelo Anthony explains who will take the last shot for OKC this season

Oklahoma City Thunder v Denver Nuggets

After a historic season as the lone ranger for the Oklahoma City Thunder last year, Russell Westbrook now has a star-studded supporting cast heading into the upcoming campaign.

General manager Sam Presti pulled off the best deals of the summer as he acquired All-Star duo, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, whilst not giving away many assets in return.

Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis headed to the Indiana Pacers and Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott were shipped to the New York Knicks.

The Thunder can now be considered one of the 'superteams' in the league with these three stars on their roster.

With this much talent in one team, an inevitable question is being already asked.

Who will take the last shot in crunch time with the game on the line?

All three players are capable of delivering in the clutch as they've shown on multiple occasions in their careers, but it'll be interesting to see how they decide this in Oklahoma City.

Melbourne United v Oklahoma City Thunder

According to Melo, the answer is fairly simple and doesn't need to become a huge issue.

“Whoever’s open. It’s simple,” Anthony said, according to ESPN’s Royce Young. “We’ll run the play, and whoever gets open will take the shot.”

“It’s not like I’m coming and saying, ‘I want the last shot,’ or Russ is saying he wants the last shot, or Paul. Whoever’s open will take the shot. We all feel comfortable in those situations and those moments, so no need for any one of us to demand it at that point.”

Of course, this is the easy and expected answer to give at this stage as the season is yet to get underway.

Melbourne United v Oklahoma City Thunder

In reality, we won't know until we see OKC enter that situation throughout the year and the outcomes of their games.

George also brushed off the topic after he was asked recently saying it's all about winning and doesn't care who takes the responsibility.

“All three of us are comfortable with whoever has that shot,” George said a couple of weeks ago. “… I trust Russ, I trust Carmelo, that they are going to do whatever is best for the team.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Denver Nuggets

"I trust they are going to knock that shot down. Really I have no concern when it comes to that. I know with those guys, they are going to give us a chance to win. That’s ultimately what we want.”

The Thunder take on the Knicks to open their new campaign on Thursday night as Anthony immediately comes up against his former team.

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