Chris Eubank and Joey Barton exchange tweets after awkward interview on talkSPORT


Whether you love him or hate him, Joey Barton has been an excellent addition to the talkSPORT team.

He’s forthright with his opinions, eloquent and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is.

The 35-year-old, who is currently serving a ban from football after admitting a Football Association charge in relation to betting, had the task of co-interviewing the ex-boxer Chris Eubank this morning.

Eubank will be conducting many interviewers over the next few months, you suspect, as his son prepares to take on George Groves in the World Boxing Super Series semi-finals in January.

Eubank Jr entered the ring at Wembley Arena on Saturday evening, shortly after Groves defeated Jamie Cox with a devastating knockout, and has promised to ‘annihilate’ his fellow Briton.

Eubank and Barton involved in awkward radio interview

Back to the interview with Barton and the former Burnley midfielder asked Eubank Sr why his son isn’t fighting on mainstream television.

It initially seemed like Eubank had taken offence to Barton’s line of questioning because he asked the footballer: “Remind me of your name again, Sir?”

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“Er, Joey Barton my name is, mate,” came the reply.

“Joey,” Eubank then said. “You’ll get over it.”

After Barton asked if enough is being done to help his son raise his profile, Eubank Sr appeared to hang up on Barton, who tweeted: “Hopefully I didn't upset Chris Eubank Sr there. Just a boxing fan who wanted to know why @ChrisEubankJr isn't fighting on mainstream tv.”

Listen: Eubank v Barton - the awkward interview

Listen to the awkward interview here...

Reaction to the interview

Listeners found the interview hilarious and took to Twitter to tell the world what had just happened.

Even Niall from One Direction got involved…

Eubank explains what happened on Twitter

However, Eubank then tweeted to explain what had just happened.

Eubank tweeted: “Alan,” referring to talkSPORT host Alan Brazil, “please let Joey know that I was not given names of who I would be speaking with. I went through a tunnel on the train to Brighton 👌🏾“

Not everyone was convinced by that explanation…

Barton responds to Eubank's tweet

However, Barton seemed to buy it.

“Chris no problem at all mate,” he responded. “Great to chat with you. 👍🏻“

You can cut the tension with a knife.

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