Jenson Button reveals why he lost his love for Formula One

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Former world champion Jenson Button admitted that his love for Formula 1 was gone once his father John passed away in 2014.

Button withdrew from his driver duties in McLaren at the end of last season.

Although he is still on a contract to return next season, it does not seem that he will take advantage of that option.

"I've still got an option to race next year, but I've done my time in Formula 1," Button told The Sunday Times Magazine.

"I've been travelling with the circus for 17 years and it's enough for me."

Jenson Button's father died at the age of 70 in the beginning of 2014.

At first, the reason for the death was reported to be a heart attack, but according to Jenson himself, a fall that John suffered caused a head injury, which was fatal.

The former Formula 1 champion returned to action after the tragedy, but admits that his love for F1 was never the same.

"My love of racing remained but my love of Formula 1 was lacking," Button explains in his autobiography "Life to the Limit".


"I found myself treading water, looking for meaning and purpose but failing to find it. Life without him was if laughter had been banned, or music had ceased to exist. All colour had drained away."

Button also admits that he never felt the hunger to win the championship again and again.

He won his only title with Brawn Mercedes in 2009, and that was enough for him.

Something, which according to Button, makes the difference between him and current contenders for the championship - Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

"More and more l looked back at my career and realise l didn't feel the same way as l guess Sebastian and Lewis must feel.

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"I didn't have a need to win title after title. I'd reached Formula 1; become world champion. That hunger within me was satisfied."

In September last year, McLaren announced that Jenson Button would not be racing in 2017 and his replacement would be Stoffel Vandoorne, McLaren's third driver.

Given the fact that Button had enough of Formula 1, Vandoorne would partner Fernando Alonso in the team for 2018 season.

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