Jamie Carragher mocks Jose Mourinho on Monday Night Football

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It’s fair to say that Liverpool were frustrated by Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United at Anfield once again.

Just like last season, Mourinho adopted a defensive approach and achieved a 0-0 draw, despite Liverpool dominating possession.

A tactical masterclass? Or extremely negative?

Your view will depend on which team you support.

For a neutral, though, it was very disappointing.

After a two-week break from domestic football, everyone was looking forward to the clash between England’s two most successful clubs. Unfortunately, Mourinho’s tactics meant they felt short-changed.

While it hardly came as a surprise, Liverpool fans will no doubt be annoyed that Mourinho has, once again, left Anfield with a big smile on his face.

Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League

And it seems that it’s not just the Liverpool fans that were left unimpressed.

That’s because club legend and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher appeared to express his frustrations during Leicester vs West Brom on Monday Night Football.

If you didn’t watch the first-half of the clash at the King Power, you were lucky. It was a pretty poor 45 minutes with very little to talk about.

Leicester City v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League

And Carragher decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take a little pop at Mourinho.

When asked if he enjoyed that first-half, Carragher replied: “I haven’t personally. I’d imagine Jose Mourinho would after the weekend.”

Watch: Carragher mocks Mourinho

Take a look:

Cheeky. Very cheeky.

However, at the start of the show, Carragher actually explained that he had “no problem” with Mourinho’s tactics at Anfield on Saturday - admitting his Liverpool side did exactly the same during his playing days.

What Carragher really thinks of Mourinho's tactics

"First of all I should say I had no problem whatsoever with what Jose Mourinho did. He's always done it and I expected it before the game," the former defender admitted.

"Jurgen Klopp said afterwards that Liverpool could never play like that; well maybe his Liverpool could never play like that, but my Liverpool did and we did it plenty of times and got results on the back of it.

"I think the criticism will be saved until the end of the season if results in big away games don't improve and it costs Manchester United the title."

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