Steph Curry reveals if he'd prefer MVP award or NBA Championship

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves

It's hard to argue against the case that Steph Curry is one of the best players the NBA has ever seen. During his time with the Golden State Warriors, he has helped transform the franchise into an unstoppable force.

When the point guard was originally drafted by the Warriors back in 2009, the team hadn't qualified for the playoffs in the past two seasons. Since then, Golden State has only missed the playoffs three times, and they have been to the postseason for the past five seasons.

Not only that but for the past three seasons, they have been the Western Conference representative in the NBA Finals, winning the NBA Championship on two of those occasions. Curry's performances on the court have also been good enough for him to earn the MVP award twice in the past three seasons as well.

When it comes to establishing a legacy, the 29-year-old must find an equal balance between team and individual performances in order to be compared to some of the greatest to have ever played in the NBA like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He's already considered one of the greatest shooters ever, but he needs more MVP and Championships to officially be up there with the best. 

Speaking to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Curry was asked which award he would be prioritizing this season. The MVP award or the NBA Championship?

Curry said: "That's such a tough question because obviously, everybody wants to be in that conversation, wants to get votes and be recognized for having the best year individually.

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves

"But when I won my first two, that wasn't what I was playing for. I don't have that perspective --- oh, I need to go play for an MVP. Really when Tuesday happens, my mentality is to help my team win games, be aggressive, play my best basketball and usually that means good things will happen individually and as a team.

"If I have to trade off a couple MVP votes for a championship, so be it. But hopefully I can be in the coversation for both."

It would be surprising if Curry isn't in either conversation by the end of the season, but he's right to prioritize the goals of the team rather than his own individual goals, as achieving the team objectives can naturally help you achieve your individual accomplishments.

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