John Arne Riise responds to Liverpool fan page who said he 'slammed' Dejan Lovren


It was back in August when former Liverpool defender John Arne Riise joined in with the growing number of fans who were criticising Dejan Lovren’s performances.

Riise, who won the 2005 Champions League with the Reds, wasn’t happy with Lovren’s display in the 4-2 win over Hoffenheim.

“Surely we have or there is better centre-back then Lovren? He makes too many mistakes,” Riise wrote on Twitter.

"He said he wanted to show he is one of the best in Premier League?? Well..."

Two months on and Lovren remains on Riise’s radar.

The Norwegian took to Twitter on Monday evening to express his disappointment at Lovren for accusing Romelu Lukaku of deliberately stamping on his head in Saturday’s 0-0 draw between Liverpool and Manchester United.

"My honest view is that he did it on purpose," Lovren said.

"He was over me, he could have moved away. Even if he did it normally he would apologise after that, but I saw he was nervous during the game so maybe that was also the reason."

Riise reacted to Lovren's comments

The fact that Lovren couldn’t move on from the incident after the FA announced that Lukaku wouldn’t face further punishment annoyed Riise.

“Please Lovren. Just get on with it and let it go. Game is done and you should use your energy focusing on your game and our team,” he wrote.

Liverpool account said he 'slammed' Lovren

Riise kept it honest. But one Liverpool fan page, Empire of the Kop, felt that he’d taken it further than that and said he “slammed” Lovren.


“We like Riise a lot and think he should be given a role with the club, but in this instance, think he’s got it wrong,” Empire of the Kop’s piece read.

Riise wasn't happy with the piece

The piece caught Riise’s attention and he proceeded to let Empire of the Kop know exactly what he thought of the terms they used.

“You are way off!! Slams?? When you write something make sure you get it right. This is so poor from you,” the former left-back responded.

Empire of the Kop explained themselves, admitting that they perhaps took it a bit too far.

“'Slams' is potentially too much. 'Calls out' would have been better. Fair enough. But in article, we've just fairly explained our opinion,” they wrote.

“'We like Riise a lot and think he should be given a role at the club, but in this instance, think he's got it wrong'.

“We stand by that.”

Riise responded again

Yet Riise still wasn’t satisfied.

“Where you stand is up to you. Do what you need to do. Good luck,” he said.

“And is that giving him stick? Really? A friendly advice maybe. But why bother explaining it to you.”

The exchange excluded with Empire of the Kop issuing an apology to Raise.

Anyone else feel like that got unnecessarily out of hand?

What did you make of Riise's comments on Lovren? Let us know in the comments section below!

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