Huge development in WWE stars rumored to be leaving for the indies

WWE Monday Night Raw In Las Vegas

In recent weeks there have been multiple reports surfacing that several WWE Superstars have been so disgruntled by what has been going on within the company that they are prepared to take their talents to the independent circuit.

Earlier this year Austin Aries decided to leave WWE after being fed up with the creative direction his character was going. Aries was a multiple time Cruiserweight Title challenger but was never able to capture the title. Aries also wasn't satisfied being limited to the Cruiserweight division and wanted to try his hand at being a legitimate singles competitor on the roster.

Aries recently noted on Twitter that he is set to make more money in the next six weeks on the indies than he did with the WWE in his last four months. When Superstars in WWE caught wind of this it reportedly turned a few heads.

The past few days reports have surfaced indicating that Neville walked out on WWE before an episode of Monday Night RAW. He was frustrated with the creative direction of his character as well and it seemed to get to it's breaking point around the time Enzo Amore defeated him for the Cruiserweight Championship.

While rumor has it that Neville is looking to leave WWE, top RAW female prospect Nia Jax is also reportedly at odds with the company. In the midst of the chaos another report indicated that several WWE Superstars are contacting Ring Of Honor (ROH) World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes (former WWE Superstar) for advice on leaving the WWE.

Rhodes left the company last year in favor of the indies and has seen a tremendous revitalization in his career, becoming one of the best performers in the world and one of the best characters in professional wrestling today.

Dave Meltzer recently took to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter to comment on this, and played the rumors down claiming that the reports of Superstars wanting out of WWE are being blown way out of proportion (quotes via Ringside News):

“The speculation and rumors going around about a mass exodus are way overblown.”

Meltzer did note that some Superstars will explore other options once their contracts expire, but there are only a few talents that are considering that.

In addition, wrestlers who are not young and single won't take the risk of going to the indies and possibly missing out on more money as opposed to the guaranteed money they have in WWE.

What are your thoughts on Meltzer reporting that the situation in which Superstars are thinking about leaving the company is not as bad as recent reports are making it out to be? Do you think that those stars won't take the chance on losing out on guaranteed money in WWE? Or will they opt to bet on themselves at try and make it on the indies? Have YOUR say in the comments section below, and the fourth episode of GiveMeSport’s WWE podcast is here!

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