Packers' ticket sales take a big hit after Aaron Rodgers' injury

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

The Green Bay Packers have taken a big hit.

The NFL team is without their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who may be out for the season. It’s well known by now that this past Sunday during their game against the Minnesota Vikings as their star quarterback went down early in the game with a possible season-ending injury.

As seen in the game, Rodgers was hit hard and was buried into the turf by Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr midway through the first quarter. His right shoulder was immediately in pain and he was taken to the injury tent on the sideline before eventually being taken to the locker room on a cart.

The team later announced that he had broken his collarbone and that it would require surgery

Sports talk radio The Fan in Green Bay, gave fans the chance to let it all out this week following the news. Tickets sales are down and they will continue to do so if they don’t make the playoffs.

This will be a concern for some local business owners who say sales will go down a bit starting now especially during away games.

“People need to view this as a best case, worse case scenario, best case, Brett Hundley comes in, plays halfway decent, maybe we sneak into the playoffs and they make a little noise,” said Derek, a fan who called into the radio show.

“I would think between 15% and 20% down, it should have nothing to do with the home games because the tickets are paid for, and if you spent a hundred and something dollars for a ticket you will park your derriere in that seat, said Jerry Watson, Owner of Stadium View near Lambeau Field.

“We've been spoiled a little bit but without a Packer game in January, it dramatically affects the budget for the hotel,” said Ron Zellers, General Manager for the Hampton Inn in Ashwaubenon.

Perhaps the hardest hit is to Ticket King in Green Bay which says retail ticket value for the upcoming home game has already gone down at least 50%.

“A lot of people they're just saying they can't make it to the game now, I am sure there's some people that don't want to go to the game because of what happened,” said Travis Loftus, Manager at Ticket Kind in Green Bay.

Loftus mentioned that Monday was a busy day and many people have been calling in to sell their tickets, but right now it's just a waiting game.

“We're going to wait and see, because the teams not out of it yet, they could still win, it's not, the end of the season yet, so the next 2 games will tell a lot of what might happen with the season with tickets,” said Loftus.

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