Gary Lineker has reacted brilliantly after Zinedine Zidane calls him 'embarrassing'


Real Madrid have arguably the best team in football at the moment, having dominated both in Spain and in Europe for the past year or so.

It is therefore tough to pick holes in a team that has achieved so much in recent years, but Gary Lineker has identified a weakness in Madrid's side.

After Los Blancos drew 1-1 with Tottenham on Tuesday night, Lineker posted on twitter criticising Karim Benzema for his goal-scoring record.

Benzema has been a mainstay in one of the best teams in world football since joining in 2009, and his goal-scoring record for the Spanish giants does not read too badly: 182 goals in 373 appearances at a goal-to-game ratio of 0.49.

However, Lineker was still unimpressed with these numbers, claiming that the Frenchman was 'overrated' and that he was 'decent but not great'.

Zinedine Zidane responded by defending his player, whilst launching a scathing attack on the former Barcelona forward.

Speaking ahead of his side's game against Eibar later today, Zidane said, per Goal: "It's not just Karim, he's annoying me with [what he says about] Karim because, for people who know football, it's embarrassing.

"He's the best number nine for Madrid, by a long way. Karim will not score 60 goals, but he will score 20 goals and assists for 30 or 40 more.

"It bothers me when people talk badly about my players. For me, Benzema is the best.

"He has everything. Every quality for a footballer. He could improve, he knows, and he works for it. When he scores more goals, he will be happier."

And Lineker has since replied to Zidane's comments in brilliant fashion.

After Piers Morgan attempted to mock Lineker after Zidane claimed the Englishman knew nothing, Lineker posted on twitter that he was actually thrilled with Zidane's comments.

Although Benzema's record is fairly good it seems that the majority of fans agree with Lineker, with his initial post criticising the Frenchman gaining over 4,000 re-tweets and over 16,000 likes.

But without Benzema's all-round quality in the side, would Cristiano Ronaldo have scored as many goals as he has done in the past few years? And would Real Madrid have been as successful as they have been?


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