Usain Bolt still keeping dream alive of becoming professional footballer

Manchester United v Fulham - Premier League

Olympic legend and lifelong Manchester United fan Usain Bolt has recently hung up his running spikes and has set his sights on a new sport to dominate.

Now Bolt has never hid his admiration for football and has regularly teased fans of the sport, but now it seems his interest, along with teams interest in him, is real.

Bolt would take route one football to a new level, with the 100m & 200m world-record holder adding blistering pace to any side willing to offer him a contract.

But, would he actually fit into a team?

Would his control or ability with a football be good enough to warrant a professional contract? Bolt, who has never been short of confidence, certainly thinks so.

Back in 2012, Bolt spoke with the Guardian and said: "I am a very accomplished player and know I could make a difference. I would be the fastest player in the team, but I can play as well."

At the time, Bolt was 26-years-old and in the prime of his career. It would have been very interesting if he had made the transition back then.

Of course he was never going to do such a thing, he was bound to a contract until the Olympics in 2016, after these Games, he was then allowed to contemplate what lied ahead.

Now, Bolt has the chance to show what he is capable of in a football shirt.

16th IAAF World Athletics Championships London 2017 - Day Ten

If it hadn't been for a recent hamstring injury, he would have been able to sport his beloved Manchester United's team jersey in a charity match at Old Trafford in August.

Recently, Bolt confirmed that he has received offers from many teams, with one team rumoured to be Burton Albion, who are of course managed by Nigel Clough.

“I would love to play football now I've retired from track and field,” he told

“I've been talking about it in interviews and a lot of clubs have reached out.

“Unfortunately, I got a bad hamstring injury in August and haven't been able to do any training since then.


"Hopefully I will be able to play some games in 2018."

Clough appeared to dismiss the rumours: "Would that be a loan or permanent? I'm not quite sure."

However, he did add: "He would certainly add some pace. As long as he doesn't want much money I'm sure we will be OK."

Will we see Usain Bolt playing professional football in 2018? Will he be able to transfer his speed on the track to speed on the football pitch?

One thing is for sure, whatever team does manage to sign him will suddenly become the coolest team in their league.

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