Ronan O'Gara explains why he kept hands in pocket when meeting the Queen

Ronan O'Gara, Ireland v England - RBS Six Nations

Rugby Union legend and ex-Ireland fly-half Ronan O'Gara was labelled as 'snubbing' the Queen during a meeting in 2009, after a pictured made it into the Irish Times.

It was also rumoured that O'Gara refused to shake hands with her Majesty.

However, things might not have been what they seemed on that infamous day.

It was when Queen Elizabeth II met with the Grand Slam winning team during a Civil Reception and O'Gara was pictured with his hands in his pockets, but he insists that the reason behind the photo is more innocent than it looks.

Ronan has described it as a "completely opportunistic photo" as he reflects back to that day in a recent interview.

He claims that he was actually doing her Majesty a favour.

It was during an interview for the 'Frank and Honest' series with Paddy McKenna, when O'Gara decided to call an end to the myth.

"The picture appeared in the Irish Times where everyone was convinced that I refused to shake her hand... I don't have any strong beliefs on the monarchy, (but) I'd like to think my parents reared me well."

O'Gara went on to say: "It disappoints me... people still say to me fairplay for your reaction to the Queen."

Racing 92 v Leicester Tigers -  Champions Cup

So, what was the reason for Ronan O'Gara to have his hands in his pockets when meeting the Queen?

O'Gara went on and revealed his hands were rather sweaty, and that's why he kept them in his pockets. 

"You're respectful to older women, to women in general.

"My hands were sweaty. I had my hands in (my pockets).

"I was cleaning my hands from sweat to make sure there wasn't a layer of sweat before I shook her hand."

But, the current defence coach with Racing 92 wanted to make one thing clear, when asked if he shook hands with the Queen, O'Gara simply replied with: "Of course I did."

Maybe Ronan will reconsider what he does if he is offered an opportunity like meeting the Queen again.

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