Paul George comments on Karl-Anthony Towns' illegal screen that officials didn't call

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have improved their record on the season to 2-1 thanks to a win against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night, but many people believe their second win of the campaign came in controversial fashion.

With four seconds remaining on the clock, Carmelo Anthony had scored a three-pointer to put the Thunder up 113-112, meaning the Timberwolves had to respond quickly in order to stop them from winning the game.

They did exactly that, as thanks to a screen by Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins was able to pick up possession of the ball in his half, dribble it close to Oklahoma's three-point line, and score a three-pointer as time expired to give Minnesota a 115-113 win on the night.

However, many fans pointed out a big foul in the last play of the game, as Towns was not set at all during his brutal screen on Paul George, which ultimately gave Wiggins the space he needed on the court to nail the game-winning shot with ease and with no pressure whatsoever.

The officials, therefore, should have called back the game for the foul, which would have most likely stopped the Timberwolves from scoring the game-winning basket, giving the Thunder the win on the night instead, but that wasn't done.

Wiggins finished with a team-high 27 points on 10-of-20 shooting to go along with seven rebounds, four assists, and two steals, but more will be said about this game by the end of the season if it affects the playoff seeding drastically. Towns also had 27 points on the night, as well as 12 rebounds, and one assist.

Thunder's George said to ESPN after the game that he didn't know if the screen was legal or not, but he isn't blaming the officials for missing the decision if Towns did break the rules of the game because they're human.

He said: "I don't know if it was illegal or legal. The officials are human like we are, they make mistakes. Like we turn the ball over. It's part of the game. Give Wiggins credit for making a big shot."

A game can be won and lost on one play, so there is a reason to complain about this missed call. However, there was plenty of time prior to this moment where the Thunder could have won this game as well, so really, the missed foul can't be used as an excuse despite it not being called.

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