WWE planning huge face turn for Braun Strowman


Sunday's TLC PPV turned into a bad night for RAW's Monster Among Men as Braun Strowman not only saw his team lose the five-on -two TLC handicap match, but he also saw every one of his team-mates turn on him.

Strowman left the arena in the back of a garbage truck that he was thrown into at the hands of his team-mates Sheamus, Cesaro, Miz and Kane.

A new monster?

Strowman has dominated Monday night RAW ever since last year's draft and has already had some memorable feuds with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.


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however the return of Kane one week ago could have looks set to have a huge impact on Strowman, whose downfall at TLC all began when the Big Red Machine attacked him on the stage.

Strowman and Kane had clashed earlier in the match and Kane exacted his revenge when he choke-slammed Strowman off the stage and dropped a long line of chairs on top of him.

Dave Meltzer discussed Strowman's team-mates turning on him at TLC during Monday's Wrestling Observer Radio and suggested that it could be part of a new idea.

Claiming that Strowman could be set to make the change from his typically heel character to a face superstar, Meltzer's suggestion would create a huge change on RAW.

Meltzer suggested that the company decided to have the team turn against Strowman in order to begin his face turn.

The reason for the dramatic character change for Strowman could - according to Meltzer, be to create fresh rivalries for him on RAW.

A face Strowman could move onto rivalries with stars such as Samoa Joe, Kane and possibly even the Intercontinental Champion the Miz.

Big plans ahead

It has been rumoured in the aftermath of TLC that Strowman will be taking on Kane at Survivor Series next month.

Kane displayed his new found aggression on Monday's episode of RAW where he also addressed his thoughts on Strowman.

Kane would destroy Finn Balor in a one on one match while Strowman remained absent from the show to add to the impact of what happened to him at TLC.

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