Watch: Smackdown Live invades Monday Night RAW


The battle lines were well and truly drawn on Monday night when the entire roster of Smackdown Live invaded RAW.

With no more PPVs until Survivor Series, the two shows will now go to war and prepare for a night of RAW vs Smackdown contests.

RAW Under Siege

The final segment of RAW on Monday saw the show fall under siege at the hands of Smackdown Live while RAW General Manager Kurt Angle was attempting to reveal their team for Survivor Series.


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Angle revealed at the start of the show that there would be two five-on-five elimination tag team matches at Survivor Series pitting teams from each brand against each other.

He was interrupted by the Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon who led his entire roster through the RAW crowd.

The Smackdown superstars circled the ring and at the orders of McMahon, they ventured backstage on the hunt for RAW superstars.

They found almost everyone who calls themselves a RAW superstar and proceeded to assault every superstar they encountered.

Names like the New Day, Baron Corbin, Bobby Roode and Rusev led the charge through two locker rooms while Becky lynch led a group of Smackdown's top female superstars against some of the top RAW talent.

There was very little resistance from the RAW locker room who were caught completely off guard and paid the price for it.

The best scene for RAW was when Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose waited to ambush the oncoming Smackdown Live roster.

The two Shield members tried an ambush of their own but as with everyone else, fell victim to the numbers game.

Notable superstars who managed to escape the invading forces of Smackdown live included Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, Women's Champion Alexa Bliss and Intercontinental Champion the Miz.

RAW were caught off guard on Monday night but it now remains to be seen how the superstars of team red will respond.

Big clashes confirmed

Monday night's show began with Kurt Angle confirming several big matches for Survivor Series next month.

Confirming three Champion vs Champion matches, Angle has confirmed that every Champion on the Smackdown live and RAW rosters will be in action at Survivor Series.

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