Who Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi voted for in FIFA's The Best Award

So, Cristiano Ronaldo has won his second consecutive The Best Fifa Men’s Player award after seeing off Lionel Messi and Neymar.

The Best Fifa Men’s Player award is voted for by a collection of journalists, national team coaches, national team captains and the general public – each with a 25 percent weighting towards the overall vote.

The Portuguese superstar earned 43.16% of the votes, with Messi coming in second with 19.25% and Neymar third with 6.97%.

And in his acceptance speech, he thanked both Messi and Neymar as well as his Madrid teammates.

“Thank you for voting for me,” he said.

“I want to mention Leo (Messi) and Neymar to be here. I want to thank Real Madrid for their support all year. We are in England for the first time, and I win it for the second consecutive time. This is a great moment for me. Thank you to all my fans all over the world. I appreciate that. I’m so happy, thank you very much and have a good night!”

But what is always interesting in the aftermath of these awards is who voted for who.

With national team captains and managers picking their top three, it’s always very intriguing to scroll through and see who everyone voted for.

Usually, there is always one crazy vote and leaves you scratching your head.

Back in 2015, it was England manager Roy Hodgson that got everyone talking and he picked Javier Mascherano as the best player in the world – ahead of both Messi and Ronaldo.

Who did Messi and Ronaldo vote for?

But it’s the votes of Messi and Ronaldo that are interesting.

Of course, as childish as it seems, they never vote for one another.

With the pair going head-to-head, they will be kicking themselves if they vote for the other and miss out on the award by just a few points.

But they have a good excuse not to pick each other – because their teammates are usually in the mix.

And this year was no different as Messi went for three teammates – or former teammates and Ronaldo went for three Madrid players.

Here’s who they voted for:

Lionel Messi

1st | 5 points | Luis Suarez

2nd | 3 points | Andres Iniesta

3rd | 1 point | Neymar

Cristiano Ronaldo

1st | 5 points | Luka Modric

2nd | 3 points | Sergio Ramos

3rd | 1 points | Marcelo

It’s not exactly surprising…

Other votes

And we’ve dug out a few other interesting votes:

Dani Alves
1st | 5 points | Neymar
2nd | 3 points | Lionel Messi
3rd | 1 point | Cristiano Ronaldo

Luka Modric
1st | 5 points | Cristiano Ronaldo
2nd | 3 points | Lionel Messi
3rd | 1 point | Toni Kroos

Arjen Robben
1st | 5 points | Cristiano Ronaldo
2nd | 3 points | Sergio Ramo
3rd | 1 point | Marcelo

Didier Deschamps
1st | 5 points | Cristiano Ronaldo
2nd | 3 points | Neymar
3rd | 1 point | Gianluigi Buffon

Robert Lewandowski
1st | 5 points | Manuel Neuer
2nd | 3 points | Arturo Vidal
3rd | 1 point | Cristiano Ronaldo

Check out the votes of every captain and coach here.

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