Roger Federer reveals what he thinks is the best win of his career

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Roger Federer has proven himself as the golden boy of global tennis over the years. With 19 Grand Slams to his name, it isn't hard to see why.

However, of all those victories and exciting battles, which comes out on top for the Swiss?

The 36-year-old has admitted that his favourite victory came in 2001, with a well-fought match in the fourth round of Wimbledon.

Initially, it might surprise you he didn't opt for one of his countless Grand Slam final wins when you realise that the man he beat that day was Pete Sampras, it becomes much easier to understand. 

Federer was a relatively unknown prospect at the time, with much to prove on one of Britain’s most prestigious competitions.

The young player made his mark, beating the world number one at the time in five sets. It was at that moment that Federer announced himself on the world stage.

The American, Sampras, had 13 Grand Slams to his name by this point and was left stunned by young Swiss starlet.

When asked about his most memorable game, Federer relived the famous victory.

Swiss Roger Federer celebrates after winning his f

“Probably the match with Pete in 2001. It was my first and last time that I played with Pete, on Centre Court,” he told Czech newspaper Hospodarske Noviny Daily, as per Tennis World USA.

"It was the most important thing in the world for me. But, at some point, I understood that if you lose a point, a game, set and sometimes the match, nothing happens. That's the way true legends think: they know how to face losses more than wins.

"In life and tennis you always need to look for balance. Losses still hurt, but you need to be happy for your wins.' What pushes him to keep his motivation so high after many wins? 'It would be terrible to stay at home."

Federer was quick to make comment on how he is forever grateful for the career he has enjoyed and now focuses on enjoying those big occasions.

He added: “Going on the court, I am very aware that there are worse jobs in the world than trying to make a ball cross a net.

“Becoming a successful tennis player has always been my dream, but once I did it, I felt to take advantage of it.”

A humble man, with a classy response to match.

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