Cruiserweight Championship match on 205 Live ends in controversy


The Cruiserweight Championship reign of Enzo Amore will continue after he successfully defended his title on Tuesday's episode of 205 Live.

The Realest Guy in the Room may have left still holding his Championship belt but he was far from a convincing champion.

A controversial finish

Amore went one on one with Kalisto as the Lucha superstar's contract mandated rematch took place on 205 Live.


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Kalisto and Amore have emerged as the top two talents in the Cruiserweight division since the departure of Neville from WWE TV several weeks ago.

Amore has certainly developed a new persona with his Championship and has also made use of any tactic he can to win and keep the title.

From low blows to eye gouges, Amore has done what he needed to do get to the top, but his last resort on Tuesday may go down as one of the strangest.

As his match with Kalisto was nearing it's conclusion, the Lucha superstar went to the top rope while Enzo lay flat on the mat.

Amore would actually kick the official into the ropes - causing the disqualification and giving the win to kalisto but ensuring that the title will remain around his own waist.

It wasn't the first time in the match that Amore attempted to escape with the belt rather than face his opponent.

Earlier in the match ad tried to leave the contest and give Kalisto a win via count-out.

Following the match, the result didn't sit well with Kalisto who continued attacking the Cruiserweight Champion on the stage until officials brought an end to the chaos.

It appears that Enzo Amore's Cruiserweight title reign has divided opinion within the division and with Survivor Series just a few weeks away, the superstars of 205 Live are clearly choosing their sides.

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