Heel turn could soon be happening for top WWE SmackDown official


This past week on Monday Night RAW, the company announced several of their matches for Survivor Series next month, as well as the theme for the pay-per-view, RAW vs SmackDown.

RAW general manager Kurt Angle announced almost the entire card for the show, which includes two traditional Survivor Series Elimination matches, men and women, and four Champion vs Champion matches.

The Champion vs Champion matches on the pay-per-view should be entertaining, but most fans will be looking forward to the two traditional Survivor Series Elimination matches between the men and women of RAW and SmackDown.

During RAW this week, lead by SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon, SmackDown superstars invaded Monday Night RAW, attacking several of their superstars backstage before taking Angle to the ring for Shane to tell him that the blue brand will finish what they started that night at Survivor Series.

The following night on SmackDown Live, the show's general manager Daniel Bryan disagreed with Shane-O-Mac's decision to take superstars to RAW the previous night, as he wasn't informed it was happening, adding tension between the two. This was one of the first disagreements between the two authority figures of SmackDown Live, and it could be building to something even bigger.

This has lead to speculation by the Wrestling Observer that one of the SmackDown officials, Shane or Daniel, will eventually turn heel at some point. However, at this current moment of time, it's unclear which one will make the turn, as there are cases for both superstars.

Shane's case is the clearer of the two, and it makes more sense as his invasion of RAW this week with the SmackDown roster was heel behavior. This could lead to him breaking more rules in the future, bringing in Bryan to be the voice of reason. 


Yet, there is a case to turn Daniel heel too. The SmackDown Live general manager can turn heel as he is jealous of Shane for being allowed to wrestle, angry for ignoring his ideas, and for keeping him out of the loop for big decisions like invading RAW. It might be tough for WWE to try and get fans to boo him though.

This could lead to a match between the two if WWE clears Bryan for in-ring activity, but the most likely outcome of this storyline would be that one of them will be fired or walks away from their role on Tuesday nights. With Bryan's contract expiration date approaching, it very well could be him.

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