Joel Embiid wants to play for Philadelphia 76ers for his entire career

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Joel Embiid career in the NBA hasn't been the most remarkable one just yet as it has been plagued by injury, but this season could be the year where he starts to show off the talent which the Philadelphia 76ers have invested so heavily in.

Last month, Embiid signed a five-year, $148 million designated rookie scale maximum contract extension with the 76ers, with the ability to earn an additional $30 million if he earns an All-NBA first-, second- or third-team selection, or is named MVP in 2017–18.

Philadelphia offered him this deal despite the fact prior to the start of this season, the center had only played 31 games for the team. He's already giving the team a lot of confidence that they made the right decision with his performances on the court so far this season.

In the five games which he has played in for the 76ers so far, Embiid has averaged 20.6 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 2.6 assists, playing on average 27.6 minutes per game. His performances have helped the team achieve a reasonable 2-4 record after six games played so far.

Prior to the team's 112-110 win over the Dallas Mavericks last night, Embiid spoke to the media about his future in the NBA, where he said he wants to be one of those players that stays at one franchise throughout the entirety of their career.

Embiid told NBC Sports Philly's Molly Sullivan on possibly spending his entire NBA career with one team: "I want to be Kobe Bryant. I want to be Tim Duncan. I want to be Dirk Nowitzki."

All three of those players had Hall of Fame-worthy careers, putting the number of championships they won aside, so Sixers fans will be excited that one of their players has this kind of ambition and wants to achieve this with their team.

The main obstacle that could stop Embiid from accomplishing this goal is his health, as despite being drafted by Philadelphia in 2014, he is yet to complete a single season in the NBA without missing significant time due to injury.

Right now, it might be difficult for 76ers fans to imagine Embiid being this kind of player with the injury history he has, so they may just have to Trust The Process on this one.

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