Russell Westbrook now has a triple-double against every team but the Thunder

New York Knicks v Oklahoma City Thunder

Last year, Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook became the first NBA player since Oscar Robertson to average a season-long triple-double.

The talented point guard used that accomplishment to fuel a season that ended with him hoisting the NBA MVP trophy.

However, on Saturday night, he set another NBA record with his triple-double against the Chicago Bulls in a lopsided 101-69 victory.

With the 12-point, 13-rebound and 13-assist effort against the hapless Bulls, Westbrook has now recorded a triple-double against every team in the NBA other than the Thunder and has become the only player in NBA history to accomplish such a feat: 

NBA legend Jason Kidd is second on that list, recording triple-doubles against 28 teams. But since Kidd didn't spend his entire career with one team, he would have had the opportunity to accomplish the feat against all 30 squads.

New York Knicks v Oklahoma City Thunder

In typical Westbrook fashion, the star point guard told after the game that he was simply happy the Thunder picked up their third win of the season against the Bulls on Saturday night:

"Just get a win. That's all I did, that's all I worry about -- getting a win," he said. "Happy it could come against them."

The Thunder are now 3-3 on the season as they try to develop new chemistry after a pair of big offseason acquisitions.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Denver Nuggets

Westbrook's new teammate, star forward Paul George, was a little more impressed with the point guard's accomplishment:

"It's special," George said. "Man, that's a special player. He's solidifying himself early as a Hall of Famer.

"It was crazy to see playing against him, and it's even crazier to see him doing it night in and night out being on his team. It's crazy. There's not a player that's been in this league that's been at his [effort] level."

Melbourne United v Oklahoma City Thunder

Westbrook's coach, Billy Donovan, agreed with PG-13, saying he tries his best not to take Westbrook's incredible accomplishments for granted:

"I try never -- being on the sidelines and working with him -- ever take it for granted because he's such a unique individual," Donovan said. "And more than anything else with him, it's really his mentality that I have great respect for and an admiration that I love. He's an old-school, just bring it, he just has certain values in the way the game is supposed to [be] played from a competitive standpoint.

"He plays hurt. He plays tired. He plays sore. And his effort that he gives when he gets those triple-doubles, yeah, I don't look at it and say, 'Eh, it's just him being him.' I realize the amount of effort it takes and the commitment it takes on his part to go out there and do that, impact the game in so many different areas."

Whether Westbrook ever gets the chance to record a triple-double against the Thunder remains to be seen (OKC fans certainly hope not), but first-year Thunder forward Carmelo Anthony joked that Westbrook should be given credit for it anyway:

"He had one against us in practice," Anthony said.

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