Martavis Bryant's future at Steelers doesn't look promising after recent Mike Tomlin comments

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Martavis Bryant's time at the Pittsburgh Steelers could very well be coming to an end soon as we approach the NFL trade deadline, and head coach Mike Tomlin's comments after their game this week hasn't exactly confirmed he's staying put.

The wide receiver was not active for the Steelers Week 8 20-15 win against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on Sunday night after the comments he made about one of his fellow teammates, JuJu Smith-Schuster, on social media.

Bryant said on Instagram that he was better than his fellow wide receiver, calling for the Steelers to grant Bryant his wish and trade him. His comments meant he was sat by Pittsburgh for their Week 8 game, with Justin Hunter taking his place in the team.

Despite the comments made by Bryant, Smith-Schuster ended up exploding in the game for the Steelers for 193 yards and a touchdown, helping them win on the night and move to a 6-2 record on the season as they enter their bye.

Many would think this might put Tomlin in a tough spot about his receivers for after their bye, but if you read into his comments he made to a reporter after the game on Sunday, via Ian Rapoport, Bryant's future with the Steelers might be more clear-cut than we think.

“I outlined that pretty crystal clear on Tuesday and I’m done talking about that. I am.” Tomlin said when asked about an unhappy Bryant.

“You haven’t talked about it since you made your decision, though,” pointed out the reporter.

“I know,” Tomlin said. The report said: “You are not going to?” 

“No,” Tomlin replied

The head coach had no desire to keep talking about Bryant, but the reporter kept pushing, asking about his future with the team, which was when things got interesting, whether Tomlin wanted it to or not.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Detroit Lions

“You are confident he will help you down the stretch?” the reporter asked.

“I’m not,” Tomlin said. “We’ll see.”

This seems to lean more towards the idea the Steelers would be comfortable with trading Bryant away, and with how Smith-Schuster performed last night, they seem to already have his replacement.

There are reportedly plenty of teams out there that are interested in Bryant's services, so as the trade deadline approaches, it may only be a matter of time before we see the wide receiver lining up for someone else this season.

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