Former RAW GM goes off on WWE's presentation of Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns may be the top dog in the WWE right now, but he's also one of the most controversial subjects in the world of professional wrestling. 

"The Big Dog" has been systematically shoved down WWE fans' throats as officials have made the decision to make him the next top guy of the company. With longtime promotional face John Cena on his way out of the professional wrestling industry, in favor of Hollywood, WWE has set its sights on making Reigns the next big WWE star.

Despite WWE's best attempts, however, Reigns has been poorly received by the WWE Universe as a babyface. Many have called for the creator of "The Roman Empire" to turn heel, something John Cena never did, as he'd be better received that way.

This doesn't seem like something that WWE officials would like to steer clear of for the time being, and are fine with keeping Reigns where he's at now. Reigns and WWE officials have said numerous times that Reigns is neither a face or a heel.

Playing up to his gimmick, he's simply "The Guy." Former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) President Eric Bischoff was recently a guest on "All Things Wrestling Radio" to discuss several professional wrestling topics, and touched on WWE's handling of Reigns' character.

Bischoff claimed that the way WWE is presenting Reigns is a 'cowardly' move (quotes via Wrestling Inc.):

"You have to make a choice and you have to commit to a character. You're either a babyface or a character that the fans relate to, support, love and aspire to be, or you're not.

"And if you're not, you're heel, you're despicable and they need to learn to love to hate you.

"And I think when you take that safe road in-between and let the fans decide…to me, it's a cop-out.

"To me, that's kind of like raising your hands and saying, 'look, I've got ideas. I really don't have a plan, so let's just put him out there and let the fans choose.'

"I think that's just the most cowardly creative cop-out that I've ever heard."

What are your thoughts on Bischoff's comments regarding how WWE is presenting Roman Reigns to their audience? Do you think that WWE should specify whether or not "The Big Dog" is a legitimate heel or babyface? Or should they continue down the road as they have been for the past several months? Have YOUR say in the comments section below, and the fourth episode of GiveMeSport’s WWE podcast is here!

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