Footage emerges of Anthony Joshua's fight with Dillian Whyte as an amateur in 2009

Boxing at The O2

Anthony Joshua didn’t have too much time to enjoy his victory over Carlos Takam on Saturday.

Immediately after he extended his record to 20-0, talk turned to who the WBA and IBF heavyweight champion will face next.

“Boxing in October will allow you to get one in March, April time,” Hearn said afterward. “Look at the summer as well. We may have a mandatory (title defence) with the WBA, that's a bit unclear.

“There's (WBO champion) Joseph Parker, there's Deontay Wilder.”

And Joshua also admitted that Parker and Wilder are on his radar.

"The possibilities are bubbling nicely in the distance," said the 28-year-old. "I'm not worried about 2018 because of the potential possibilities to come.

"I want the other two belts out there, whether it's Wilder first or Parker."

But before Joshua took to the ring in Cardiff on Saturday, another Brit was taking a step towards a fight with Wilder.

Dillian Whyte unconvincingly beat Robert Helenius and could now face Wilder in a WBC heavyweight title fight.

If Whyte could do the unlikely and beat Wilder, he could set up a re-match with Joshua.

Anthony Joshua v Carlos Takam -  World Heavyweight Title Fight

Joshua beat Whyte in December 2015 in an explosive British heavyweight title bout.

But that wasn’t the first time Joshua has faced Whyte.

Footage has emerged of when ‘AJ’ faced his fellow Brit back in 2009 and it makes for a fascinating watch. It’s fair to say Joshua has improved technically in the eight years since…

Whyte actually won on points that night - and knocked Joshua to the canvas in the meantime.

Watch: Joshua vs Whyte in 2009

Take a look:

Before facing Whyte in 2015, Joshua actually spoked about his amateur fight back in 2009 - admitting he wasn’t the best fighter back then.

Joshua spoke about the fight last year

"The fight was six years ago and I still watch it back. I last watched it three or four months ago," he said.

"It's not on my to-do list in the preparation this time around but it's probably something I might just see and laugh at, that's all. When I watch it I just think, 'What was I doing here, what was I doing there?'

"If I would have known that what I did then would have had such a big impact now, I wish I would have done something different. But it's all irrelevant because we are here now and I am who I am now, I'm not who I was then."

Anthony Joshua v Carlos Takam -  World Heavyweight Title Fight

Wilder on beating Whyte

For Whyte to face Joshua again, though, he will need to beat Wilder.

And it’s fair to say Wilder doesn’t see that happening.

"You want Whyte and I want Joshua," said Wilder. "Put them in a package and let me fight.

"I will knock out Whyte easy. I could do it with one hand tied behind my back."

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