Mo Farah surprisingly leaves successful coach Alberto Salazar

Since 2001, Sir Mo Farah has built a formidable partnership on the field with veteran track coach Alberto Salazar.

During a 16-year period, Farah under Salazar’s tutelage hit unparalleled heights, managing a ridiculous four Olympic gold medals, six World Championship gold medals and two World Championship silver medals.

Despite that success, Sir Mo has finally severed this tie, with most assuming it is largely related to the doping allegations that Salazar has been hit with over the last few years.

However, Farah has responded to those critics, arguing that if it was to do with these allegations, he wouldn’t have stuck by his former coach through these past two years.

“If I had any reason to doubt Alberto I would not have stood by him all this time,” Farah said.

Since 2015 Salazar has been under investigation from a number of groups. With strenuous denials constantly given by the former Cuban athlete, accusations began to turn more serious when former athletes began admitting to being pressured into taking medication not advised by doctors in a bid to help them perform better.

Nevertheless, the man who has now switched his intentions to marathon running, Mo Farah, has defended Salazar and cited personal reasons as to why he is leaving his coach and moving back to the UK, having spent a number of years training in the USA.

He continued: “I’m leaving simply because my family and I are moving back to London. We want our kids to grow up in the UK.”

As well as ditching his coach, Farah is also changing how he will be referred to as he begins the next chapter of his career.

“My road name is Mohamed,” he confirmed.

“I just feel like Mo is done. I need to forget about what I’ve achieved and what I’ve done.”

The former 5,000 and 10,000m master has already tied down Gary Lough as his new coach to help him through the transitional period into competitive marathon running.

Lough is the husband and former coach of Paula Radcliffe, who herself went through plenty of adversity during her career and so Farah may see this as a perfect opportunity to get his name out of the headlines and away from his old controversial coach.

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