Steve Kerr talks of possible Golden State Warriors contract extension

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Two weeks ago, Steve Kerr was asked about his future with the Golden State Warriors, to which he didn't want to give a definite answer on due to his previous medical issues.

Kerr said: "I'm just not ready to look that far ahead. I know I enjoy coaching and that I want to keep coaching. But it's impossible to know if I'll be in the position to do so."

However, he's recently had a change of tune, as speaking alongside Warriors general manager Bob Myers, and owner Joe Lacob to The Athletic's Tim Kawakami on Sunday, the three of them said they fully expect a long-term extension to be worked out once the season is over.

Kerr said: "I've got two years left on my deal and wanted to make sure that everything went well this year health-wise. And I don't anticipate any issues going forward."

The two sides have reportedly already discussed parameters of a potential deal. Kerr, who signed a five-year, $25-million deal with the Warriors in the spring of 2014, is seemingly less interested in driving up his price tag than he is in remaining the Warriors' coach for the foreseeable future.

Kerr said: "Yeah, I'm a horrible negotiator. But I'm not going anywhere else. I have no desire to coach anywhere else. I love living here, I love the Warriors, I love working with Bob and Joe. Love the players. I'm not going anywhere. ... I know how (Lacob and Myers) operate. They're going to make me a great offer. If I decide I'm ready to do this, it will be a very short negotiation, I can tell you that."

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The Warriors head coach missed the first 43 games of the 2015-16 regular season, and he was also absent for another 11 games during the 2017 playoffs due to health-related issues. He continues to experience symptoms such as dizziness and headaches related to the multiple back surgeries he underwent in 2015. This is why he doesn't feel entirely comfortable committing to a long-term deal just yet.

Despite this, both Lacob and Myers have said they are more than happy to wait until Kerr feels comfortable enough to commit.

The Warriors owner said: "I would expect him to be our coach for a long time. We did try, but I think he basically just wanted to wait and see how his health was, that was the primary thing. We had a couple years to go (on his contract), so we understood that. He understood that. I suspect we'll probably not deal with it during the season and next summer we'll talk again.

"I would like to have him for a very long term. He's fantastic. We love him."

Kerr is 207-39 through three seasons with the Warriors with two NBA Championships to his name, so he definitely deserves a contract extension. It's just a case of whether or not he feels he is healthy enough to accept it.

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