Man sets new Guinness World Record for longest Football Manager game ever


Anyone who has ever played Football Manager or its predecessor, Championship Manager, will agree that the game should come with a warning on the front cover.

It’s ridiculously addictive.

The game has cost people their social lives, relationships, it’s led to sleepless nights, stopped people achieving high grades at school and university. It’s dangerous, quite frankly.

But once it sinks its teeth into you, there’s no escaping. Kicking the habit is much easier said than done.

Just ask Seb Keenan, a 26-year-old Oxford United fan who has just broken the Guinness World Record for the longest single game of Football Manager.

170 seasons - six months in real life

Per the Daily Mail, Keenan has completed a remarkable 170 seasons on the game - or six months solid in real life.


Seb: 'People are calling me a legend'

The English literature graduate, who started playing the game while at Newcastle University, has admitted to playing the game for seven hours a day.

“It feels great,” Seb commented after breaking the record. “Friends have dubbed it the ‘greatest achievement any of us will ever have’, screams of ‘legend’ have been heard as I enter the office, and the response from Oxford United has been particularly pleasing.


“I’m hoping to get a walk-on and half-time announcement, if nothing else. My Dad is very's probably quite concerning as he's said it's the best thing I am going to be able to achieve.

“It's amazing to think you've achieved something no one else has bettered.”

Seb's managerial career on the FM save is incredible

Seb also told the Daily Mail about the details of his managerial career on the record-breaking FM save which, in fairness, does sound amazing.

“My first major time investment in a team as manager was Huddersfield,” he continued. “I got them into the Premier League and won the Champions League.

“After that I did 25 years with Queen's Park Rangers, had the new Real Madrid Stadium named after me before settling in for a 30-season stint with Barcelona (via an ill-fated mess at Bristol City).


“On leaving Barcelona, where I averaged five major trophies a season for well over a decade, I jumped down the divisions to manage my beloved Oxford United in the Conference. I have since won the Champions League six times in a row with Oxford. After 20 seasons with them, I will never leave them as long as I play the game.”

Seb, who is 190 years old on the game, also ‘fondly remembers’ when an ancient Wayne Rooney retired as Plymouth Argyle’s assistant manager.



Seb: My ex doesn't know about my record yet

Seb claims the only time he stopped playing Football Manager 2010 for significant amounts of time each day was when he had a long-term girlfriend.

“We're not together anymore,” he explained, to the surprise of nobody. “Needless to say it's not the most endearing of games to play while in a relationship.


“An Ebbsfleet v Grimsby FA Cup Final in the fictional year of 2120 hardly screams romance.”

He added: “She's not aware yet [about the record].”

At least you had the last laugh, eh Seb?

Football Manager confirm the record is valid

By the way, Football Manager themselves have confirmed on Twitter today that Seb played the entire 170 seasons and did not set himself ‘on holiday’ at any point during the save.

Will he play on?

But does he continue to play on after breaking the record?

“I’m certain I'll get to 200 years as I'm still playing,” he concluded. “It should take around four months to get there.


“I’ve vowed to myself it's the only game of Football Manager I'll ever play. Once I'm finally finished, I couldn't bring myself to start again.”

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