What the Marseille fan did to make Patrice Evra kick him in the head


Patrice Evra could be in a world of trouble following his behaviour on Thursday night.

Ahead of Marseille's Europa League game against Vitoria Guimaraes, the 36-year-old kicked a Marseille fan in the head - and yes, you've read that right.

In a moment of utter madness, Evra confronted the away fans, walked along the advertising hoardings and full on kung-fu kicked a fan in the head.

Evra was escorted away by two of his teammates but his actions gave the referee no choice but to show him a red card.

Worse still for the Frenchman, no player has ever been sent off before a Europa League game has even started in the history of the competition. Ever.

Evra has a lot of explaining to do and there are suggestions he not only faces punishment from UEFA, but could also be released by Marseille.

Such behaviour is unacceptable in professional football, although it must be said the circumstances remain unclear.

In the aftermath of Evra's kung-fu kick, which was reminiscent of Eric Cantona's attack on a supporter in 1995, everyone was asking the same question: why was he so angry?

Evra comes across as a happy and chilled out guy on social media with his "I love this game!" videos, so something must have really annoyed him.


Some suspected racist chants were involved, but according to the Telegraph, journalists present at the Estadio D. Afonso Henriques tweeted that Evra was subjected to nasty insults by the fans.

What exactly those insults were are unknown, but it's becoming clearer why the former Manchester United defender was so angry.

Evra and his teammates were warming up before the incident occurred, which means he must have heard something that really offended him.

Marseille's manager, Rudi Garcia, has since confirmed Evra was targeted for abuse by the fan(s) but slammed his player for reacting how he did.


"Pat has experience and he must not react, it's obvious," Garcia told BeIn Sports, per L'Equipe and the Mirror.

"Patrice is a more than experienced player and we cannot respond to insults so low and so incredible because they come from one of our supporters.

"He is not a supporter of Marseille, because you cannot insult your own players, you have to be behind everyone."

Only until Evra speaks for himself will we know exactly what happened on Thursday night.

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