Report: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants Bill Polian as new NFL commissioner

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It's no secret that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn't the biggest fan of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell right now.

Jones is upset with the way Goodell has handled the situation with Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott, who the league keeps trying to suspend for six games, but keeps getting shut down by various courts.

Since Elliott hasn't faced criminal charges for an alleged domestic violence incident, Jones believes his star running back should be allowed to play, while Goodell is trying to take a hard stance against the issue.

According to a report by Pro Football Weekly, Jones actually wants Goodell replaced as the NFL's commissioner. And, the report states, Jones has said former Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Polian would be a good replacement:

"Where all of this really got some legs was with a report we heard from two different sources late last week that Jones is even thinking about a replacement for Goodell — Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian," the report reads.

"We have no knowledge of any contact between Jones and Polian or if Polian is even aware he might be on Jones’ radar, only that Jones has indicated to confidants he thinks Polian could be an excellent choice should Goodell be replaced."

Goodell's current contract is up in 2019, and owners are currently working on an extension plan, but it's clear Jones doesn't think the current commish should get another term.

In late October, the league owners had a conference call and expressed their concerns over how Goodell has handled things and the declining popularity of the league. One source told that an owner is worried about the direction the league is heading:

"We just don't have enough problem solvers," a NFL owner said. "We gotta get it right or we're just going to let it burn. Last time I felt like this was before the 1993 CBA settlement. That was just depressing, and Paul Tagliabue and Gene [Upshaw] stepped up and saved it in a spectacular way. We don't have that feeling right now."

That, obviously, is not exactly a ringing endorsement for Goodell, but he still seemingly has plenty of support to get an extension as league commissioner.

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In fact, one owner voiced his support for moving forward with Goodell at the helm of the league:

"We're not on the edge of destruction," the owner said. "It's an opportunity. It creates real energy, and it creates a great opportunity to get our leadership right going forward. You watch. We will come out of this as a stronger league, and our popularity will come back and increase."

Whatever happens, it appears Goodell is at least on thin ice, especially with Jones. And when you have one of the most powerful owners in sports breathing down your neck, it's never a good feeling.

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