Andre Drummond reveals the biggest reason for his improved free-throw shooting

Indana Pacers v Detroit Pistons

Coming into this season, Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond ranked among the worst free-throw shooters in the league.

The big man entered the campaign shooting 38.1 percent from the charity stripe for his career, the lowest percentage among active players with at least 20 attempts, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Opposing teams would often hack Drummond and foul him anytime he got close to the basket knowing there was a slim chance that he would knock down his shots at the line.

But the All-Star was determined to do something about it and spent much of his time in the offseason working on this obvious flaw in his game.

11 games into the new campaign, the work he's put in is clearly paying dividends as he's shown a drastic improvement to start the year.

Prior to the game against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night, the 24-year-old was shooting 30-of-40 from the foul line (75 percent).

His numbers dropped slightly last night after going 0-of-7 against the Pacers, but he's still shooting a decent 63.8 percent which is a huge increase in the numbers he posted last year.

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"It's like night and day," Drummond told ESPN's Nick Fridell. "It's been an exciting process for me to see the progress that I've put in over the years, the time that I've spent, countless hours in the gym shooting free throws.

"Working on mechanics, working on the mental aspect, so to see the work that I've put in come out to light is exciting that it's finally here."

The Pistons star credits trainer Idan Ravin for his transformation having connected with him over the summer to work on his free throws and to develop the right mental approach to go with it.

The duo have a history together as Ravin also helped him prepare for the 2012 draft.

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"I called him up after the season," Drummond said. "I told him that I think it's time to go back to the basics, go back to what got me to where I'm at. We really put a lot of work in.

"I worked out with him for the first half of the summer. Really on the conditioning part of game -- the free throws, obviously, and just the whole mental aspect of the game."

The 6'11" man believes having the right mentality is the key to being a successful free throw shooter and he's keen to continue on the right track.

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"I think for me it's just the mental aspect," Drummond said. "I took the time to really find what keeps me at peace while I'm at the line. When I found it I kind of stuck with it."

The New York native has all the tools to be a dominant big on a nightly basis and the improvement in his free-throw shooting will now add another dimension to his game and make him a scary opponent if he remains consistent.

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