Lewis Hamilton's reaction to Sebastian Vettel signing a three-year deal with Ferrari

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Lewis Hamilton seems to thrive on having a bit of rivalry in Formula One.

For years, he battled against his Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg, as the pair fought for the Drivers’ World Championship in the same camp.

And this year, Hamilton has been embroiled in a battle with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel - a battle in which he won.

Hamilton has already won the F1 title this year with two races to spare as he sits 56 points clear of Vettel.

But while Hamilton and Rosberg’s rivalry was prematurely ended by the latter’s retirement after he won the World Championship in 2016, it looks as though Vettel will be sticking around.

Hamilton and Vettel will lock horns once again next season - and for a few more years to come - after the German signed a new three-year deal with Ferrari recently.

And it’s fair to say that Hamilton is relishing the opportunity the go head-to-head with Vettel in the coming seasons.

Hamilton's reaction to Vettel's new deal

"Sebastian just signed for three more years with Ferrari, which is good," Hamilton said ahead of Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

"In my head the objective is to keep making his life difficult. Perfection is the goal and I want to get as close as possible to perfection.”

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It’s certainly a good attitude to have. Relishing that your main rival is remaining in the sport so that you can continue to beat him is an elite mentality.

And “perfection” means never taking your foot off the gas - literally.

Mercedes' approach for the final two races

As a result, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has revealed that Hamilton will not be taking it easy in the final two races of the season - despite already claiming the title.

“It might be tempting to think that, with both championships now secure, the pressure is off for the two remaining races of 2017. But that couldn't be further from the truth,” Wolff said.

“Inside the team, we are looking at the next two race weekends as the first two Grands Prix of 2018. 

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“We have two races that we are determined to win in order to take that positive momentum into the winter. 

“There will be no backing off just because the championship business is now done.”

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