What Conor McGregor did to a commissioner after clashing with the referee

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Oh Conor McGregor, what have you done?

The UFC champion hasn’t had a fight inside the Octagon for 12 months but that almost changed on Friday night.

During a Bellator event in Dublin, McGregor made his way into the ring after his teammate Charlie Ward beat John Redmond.

However, his joy soon turned nasty after he appeared to try to attack referee Marc Goddard.

Of course, McGregor clashed with Goddard recently during Artem Lobov’s fight with Andre Fili.

McGregor was in the crowd in Dansk and was encouraging Lobov during the fight - but he might have taken his support a bit too far.

So much so that referee Goddard had to stop the fight to warn McGregor.

And after Goddard pulled McGregor away from Ward during his celebration, McGregor completely lost his head.

He proceeded to try and clash with Goddard and didn’t seem to care about the injured Redmond on the floor.

Watch: McGregor tries to attack referee

The Irishman did push Goddard but, luckily for him, he was restrained before he could do any further damage.

While he’s set to be in trouble for that incident, something he did after his clash with the referee is set to get his in even more trouble.

Footage has emerged of him slapping a commissioner as he was leaving the Octagon.

Watch: McGregor slaps a commissioner

Take a look:


Despite McGregor being by far the biggest name in MMA, there is no doubt that he will be in big trouble for his actions.

McGregor might be planning a return to the UFC 12 months after he stopped Eddie Alvarez but that proposed fight against Tony Ferguson might have to be postponed after McGregor’s latest misdemeanor.

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