What Alex Ferguson said to Eric Cantona after his karate kick against Crystal Palace

Football fans probably didn’t think they would see another Eric Cantona moment.

Back in January 1995, the Manchester United striker was banned for nine months for attacking a Crystal Palace fan after being shown a red card.

And everyone was reminded of that shocking incident after Patrice Evra did something similar recently.

Instead of attacking an opposition fan, Evra kicked a Marseille supporter in the head during his side’s warm-up ahead of their Europa League clash against Vitoria last month.

It has led to him being banned for seven months by UEFA and sacked from the Ligue 1 club.

While Marseille were ruthless in their decision, United decided against terminating Cantona’s contract.

In fact, it seems the Frenchman got off lightly by his club.

That much could be identified by what Alex Ferguson said in the dressing room after the incident.

After United could only draw 1-1, the legendary Scottish boss was fuming.

And Lee Sharpe has explained what really happened in the dressing room afterward.

During a dinner speech, the former United player explained how Ferguson was laying into individual members of the team before his attention turned to Cantona.

He was surely going to continue his hairdryer treatment for the player that not only cost his side but was about to be banned for almost a year.

However, all he said was: “You can’t go round doing things like that, son.”


Watch: Lee Sharpe reveals what happened afterward

Take a look at Sharpe telling the story:


We know what you’re thinking, Sharpe has just created this story for his speech in an attempt to make everyone laugh.

David May said the same thing

However, his account is almost identical to what David May said recently about what happened in the dressing room.

The former United defender recalled: “The manager is ripping heads off everyone… Big Pete (Schmeichel), Big Pally, myself, Sharpey, Paul Ince. He had a go at me for their equaliser. He said, ‘who the hell was marking Southgate?’. I said ‘Eric’.

“He turned round and said ‘Eric, I am disappointed in you. You can’t be doing those things’. I thought ‘Is that it? Is that it?!’ Any other player would have been given the hairdryer. I just got the hairdryer off the gaffer for not marking someone I shouldn’t have been marking.”

Despite Cantona’s moment of madness, it seems Ferguson wasn’t prepared to give him a telling off.

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